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Why Evolution Is True

Yesterday Richard Dawkins spent 35 minutes on the Al Jazeera television show “The Stream,” answering the hosts’ and viewers’ questions. The topic: “Is there room for religion in science?”

The questions facing Dawkins include the following: “Is atheism a religion?”, “Is there anything good about religion?”, “Isn’t it a base canard to say that religion is correlated with lack of education”, “Doesn’t living on science and facts alone make for a cold world?”, “Does morality come from God?”, and “Should atheists try to convert people to unbelief?”

I think you’ll agree that Richard is particularly eloquent in answering these questions. And for those who argue that Richard is strident (that includes you, Michael Ruse), look how cooly and respectfully he handles these hot issues.

Maryam Namazie and James Onen (from Freethought Kampala) make an appearance to add some support and intelligence. The skunk in this woodpile, though, is Haroon Moghul…

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