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This is a review of the sixth essay in the book Contending with Christianity’s Critics.

Dawkins’s Best Argument Against God’s Existence by Gregory E. Ganssle

Didn’t we already have this? Not really. Unlike the earlier essay by Craig, Ganssle goes for a much higher-level summary of Dawkins’ argument:

  1. A universe made by God would be different from one made by only natural occurrences.
  2. Our universe fits better with a naturalistic universe than with a theistic universe.
  3. Therefore, our universe is more likely to be a naturalistic universe than a theistic universe. (p75)

Also unlike Craig, I think Ganssle manages to present the argument in a form that Dawkins would be content with. I certainly am. The idea here is to treat naturalism and theism as hypotheses that make predictions about the sort of entities and events we should observe, and compare these predictions against what we do observe.


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What would you add here?

Lord Griggs

       How the obscurantists revel in describing Dawkins as other than the gentleman and gentle man that he is! They prefer their lack of understanding how science finds no God with their reveling in obscurantism. He knows enough theology to know that !

       Science find  no resurrections, miracles and ascensions and finds no divine teleology and thus no God whatsoever.

       No scientism interjects itself in his advocating naturalism- that straw man! He knows that rational methods apply not only to science but to other fields. He know that the other putative venues of knowledge that haughty John Haught accuse us naturalists of ignoring mean nothing as they are rational methods.

         Dawkins can take the irresponsible heat from his fleas!

       I recommend WEIT as the blog that he’d find congenial. I also recommend Camels with Hammers, Richard Carrier’s Blog, Ethical Realism, Evangelical Realism, the Atheist Ethicist, Unreasonable…

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Yes to the wise comments there!

Why Evolution Is True

Yesterday Richard Dawkins spent 35 minutes on the Al Jazeera television show “The Stream,” answering the hosts’ and viewers’ questions. The topic: “Is there room for religion in science?”

The questions facing Dawkins include the following: “Is atheism a religion?”, “Is there anything good about religion?”, “Isn’t it a base canard to say that religion is correlated with lack of education”, “Doesn’t living on science and facts alone make for a cold world?”, “Does morality come from God?”, and “Should atheists try to convert people to unbelief?”

I think you’ll agree that Richard is particularly eloquent in answering these questions. And for those who argue that Richard is strident (that includes you, Michael Ruse), look how cooly and respectfully he handles these hot issues.

Maryam Namazie and James Onen (from Freethought Kampala) make an appearance to add some support and intelligence. The skunk in this woodpile, though, is Haroon Moghul…

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Even some atheists try to make a straw man about us gnu atheists!

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Fr. Griggs

Digital Bits Skeptic

Jesus’ resurrection and mass hallucinations

2009 August 16

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By Nicholas Covington
Article ID: 1334

Abstract: This article is a rebuttal to Gary Habermas, who defends the Jesus’ resurrection appearances against the hypothesis that these appearances were simply hallucinations.  A plausible natural explanation of the facts concerning the origin of Christianity is presented and compared to the traditional Christian explanation (that Jesus was raised from the dead). It is shown that the acceptance of the empty tomb, appearances of Jesus to his followers, conversion of the Jesus’ skeptical brother James, and the conversion of Paul as fact does not warrant the conclusion that the resurrection occurred.

Gary Habermas is perhaps the most articulate defender of the historical fact of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. He wrote an article[1] which attempts to defend the resurrection appearances against the explanation that they were…

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